Web Filtering and Your Internet Access Policy

Symantec Web filtering products do not select which categories are blocked or allowed nor do we have knowledge of the specific categories, exceptions or rules that comprise your Internet access policy.

Depending on your Internet filtering solution, you will need to follow different instructions to change your Internet access policy.


For ProxySG (or other business users):

This policy management falls under the purview of whatever individual or group created/governs your Internet access policy.

The Symantec WebFilter team simply maps Web content to the appropriate WebFilter categories and leaves it to our customers to construct an Internet access policy which governs where their end users can or cannot go on the Internet.

If you feel that a certain category should be either blocked or allowed or an exception made in the case of a specific URL, you are best served by contacting your IT/Help Desk staff for further assistance.

If you cannot access Web content due to a network or other communication errors, you should contact your IT/Helpdesk personnel.


For K9 (or other home users):

If you have software installed on your machine that filters your Internet browsing (such as K9), you may need to modify the set of categories that are filtered in the software configuration panel. This functionality is password protected.

The administrator for the software (typically the person who installed it) should have the password necessary to access and manage which categories to allow or block. Symantec DOES NOT maintain a record of passwords.

If you are the administrator of the K9 client and have forgotten your password, you can request a temporary password from Symantec by clicking the "Forgot Password" link on the K9 administration login panel. For other K9 support issues see the K9 support site.

If you are connected to an ISP which does the filtering for you, you will need to contact your ISP about which categories they allow/block. However, generally ISPs have one policy for all users and rarely change the policy.